Q: What types of services or packages do you offer?

We offer premium services for weddings and other events, both in Thailand and abroad. You can choose between three types of wedding packages: Platinum, Gold, and Silver, and hand-pick select services that extend and complement your wedding celebration and activities. Please note that we have our in-house experts for most services, thus reducing the need for external vendors and minimizing external costs.

Q: What makes you different from other wedding planners?

What sets us apart from other companies in Phuket is the fact that we aren’t only wedding planners: we have our own designers, florists, photographers and videographers, equipment, and strong collaboration with the best venues and chefs the island has to offer. This ensures consistency in adhering to the highest event standards. Our entire team is highly qualified, dedicated, and trained to exceed our clients’ expectations on regular bases.

For instance, our wedding arches are not only particularly unique and well-built; we can either customize one of our existing designs or make a completely new one according to your wishes. Through our contacts, we’re also able to supply all kinds of local materials that our designers can turn into any shape and style: modern, classic, geometrical, gold, silver… We know that your love celebration is an art creation in itself so we’ve created a process in which only sky is the limit. Finally, the fact that we have our in-house experts allows us to control the costs involved much more than other wedding planners.

Q: What is an average cost of the weddings that you have planned?

We are able to work with any kind of budget to create an ultimate wedding day experience you will remember forever. The average cost of the weddings we have organized ranges between 10k-50k USD for 20-500 guests (excluding accommodation, attires and airfare). We are happy to provide you with a full break down of all the costs including tax before we sign a contract as it is important for us to be on the same page.

Q: How early should we start to plan our wedding? What is the benefit of hiring a wedding organizer?

The answer to this question isn’t a straightforward one because it depends on a number of factors and your own preferences, so we’d like to point out a few things. If you are set on a particular venue and your wedding will take place between November and April, in the so called high season, that venue should be booked at least 6 months in advance. If, however, you are flexible, a shorter amount of time will be enough.

The size of your wedding is another important factor. For smaller weddings of up to 40 guests, we can plan and put everything together in as little as one month. In case your wedding party is bigger than 40 guests, we’ll need up to 3 months to deliver a wedding of your dreams.

That said, ideally you would start planning at least 9-12 months before the wedding date as that would allow for a slower pace and greater attention to detail selection. Not only that, but our services are often booked far in advance and you want to make sure that we’re able to work with you in the time frame you desire.

Q: Who will be working on our wedding and what are their roles?

There will be a team consisting of at least 4 of our team members to support you from the moment we sign a contract: a wedding planner (responsible for the overall planning, budget, and timeline) a wedding designer (in charge of the wedding theme, decoration, technical solutions and production), a wedding coordinator (taking care of the logistics, bookings, and supporting the planning process), and a florist (providing creative solutions for arch, bouquets, centerpieces, and all other flowers at the event). All of them will be present on your wedding day as well as taking care of additional tasks before and during the wedding, such as following up with vendors, assisting your guests, and so forth.

Q: What is your typical work process like?

Once you hire us to organize your wedding, we will start the planning process by asking you to fill out a highly detailed personalized questionnaire that will give us more insight into your wishes. That will lead us to more online communication (through channels like Skype, Viber, What’sApp, and e-mail). Once we’re clear on your vision, we will be sending you regular updates on the progress, discussing options as they arise. Moreover, we will remain available to discuss anything that may come up on your side at all times. We’re always online for our clients!

Your detailed plans and designs listed in the wedding planning sheet need to be finalized before the final payment due date, which is at least 30 days before the event. This is to ensure that we are on time with the production and order placement. Next, we will ask you for a review of a final document package at least 7 days before the wedding. Finally, we will have a final rehearsal and run-through on location, at least one day before the event takes place.

Q: I am planning a destination wedding in a place outside of Thailand, and I live in yet another country. Can you help me?

Absolutely! As a member of Destination Wedding Planner Congress (DWP), we have partners all over the world and are able to organize a wedding pretty from abroad much anywhere around the globe.

The only event of its kind in the world, DWP is all about pushing the standards of excellence in the luxury wedding industry. Attendees at this annual congress are carefully selected from all corners of the world and they represent the industry’s most well-known destination wedding planners. The Art of Weddings team is beyond delighted to be a part of this exclusive group of wedding organizers – you can rest assured that you’re in good hands wherever you’re imagining your wedding to be.

Q: Is visiting Phuket/Samui necessary prior to our wedding trip? If we can’t come beforehand, how many days in advance should we arrive before the wedding?

Visiting the location of your wedding prior to the event isn’t necessary but we do highly recommend that you consider doing one of our luxury island tours if you can. A luxury tour can be done over one or two days and it will expose you to the best venue and menu options that are in alignment with your preferences. We usually aim to prepare 3-5 choices for you to see, taste and consider, so that you can be absolutely certain that those main points – venue and dinner – are exactly as you’d like them.

In case you aren’t able to come for a highly personalized tour, not a problem as we’ll provide you with online materials and virtual inspection meetings. Ideally you would arrive to Phuket a few days before the actual ceremony or a single day at the very least so that we can do a rehearsal session.

Q: What is the next step if we decide to go ahead with The Art of Weddings?

First of all, we would be honored and thrilled to be given your trust in organizing one of the key events of your life! When you let us know that you’d like us to go ahead, we will send you a service agreement for a review. Once you are ready to sign the contract we will require 20% of the budget as a booking fee (please note that we accept bank transfers and cash only).

Q: What information do we need to provide you with at this point?

As a part of our initial consultations, we would like to ask you for the following information:

- an estimated number of guests;
- a desired wedding date, month, or at least a season;
- a general idea of your wedding style (grand, traditional, modest) and whether you would prefer a hotel or a villa;
- an estimate of your budget.

Q: Do you offer any other services we should be aware of?

Yes – we have an entire 2017 collection of glamorous weddings gowns for rent, as well as some dresses for sale (availability and sizes may vary). This is an ideal solution for all budget-conscious brides who aren’t looking to keep the dress they will never wear again. It also means that we got your back should any unforeseen circumstances come up regarding your original wedding gown.

Q: What additional types of events do you provide?

We are able to plan and organize pretty much any type of events: birthday celebrations, fashion shows, anniversaries, engagement and vow renewal parties, super star shows, fundraisers, corporate events, Christmas and New Year celebrations, remote weddings, family reunions, and more!




We would love for you to contact us. It shall be our pleasure to illustrate the various possibilities for your wedding.
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We would love for you
to contact us. It shall be our pleasure
to illustrate the various possibilities
for your wedding.
ENQUIRIES: +66 83 173 5251