Meet the team

Alex – Director and Wedding Planner

Alex has been in luxury event industry since 2005. He’s experienced in weddings, fashion shows, private and corporate functions as well as star shows across countries that include Russia, Italy, Monaco, Spain and, of course, Thailand. Together with his team at The Art of Weddings, Alex has been organizing weddings in Phuket and Samui since 2013.

Using his unique mix of competences, Alex is able to create remarkable events in different styles and with different budgets; he equally enjoys designing events and flower arrangements. Alex often works with a special team member, his beloved beagle Martin, who seems to love giving opinion on wedding gowns and arch designs.

Whether you’re envisioning saying ‘yes’ at a fashionable villa, on a private yacht or in an exclusive remote location, Alex will utilize his leadership and know-how to make it a grand, one-of-a-kind experience.

Julia – Wedding Planner

Julia has been working as a wedding planner in Phuket, Thailand since 2013. She specializes in coordinating luxury destination weddings and has an extensive experience with events of all kinds and sizes.

Deeply passionate about each couple’s story, Julia is committed to delivering unique wedding experiences of top-notch quality. Her calm and reassuring demeanor helps couples minimize stress associated with making endless wedding choices. Julia adores flowers and brings care and attention even to the smallest of details in everything she does.

Sarah – Flower Designer

With her endless creativity plus her love of stunning flora, Sarah is able to turn a simple room into a venue from fairytales. She creates breathtaking wedding arches, center pieces, bouquets, and flower arrangements for all kinds of celebrations. Through her artistry and dedication, Sarah is able to story-tell a couple’s tale using only verdant greens and tasteful blossoms.

Somchai – Technical Manager

A true star that shines in hands-on projects, Somchai possesses a fascinating ability to turn vague concepts into reality. Somchai is a Thai national who knows how to create and find anything in Thailand, from natural materials we use for our designs to rare services our couples desire. Over the years we’ve learned that there is barely anything Somchai cannot do; his welcoming personality is a great reflection of warm Thai culture.

Denis – Wedding Celebrant

Denis performs marriage ceremonies that fit the style of every individual relationship because he believes that each couple’s story is one-of-a-kind. He has a strong appreciation for the miracle of love, and zeal to help couples create an unforgettable wedding. No matter how formal or informal your ceremony may be, Denis’ contribution is sure to be a powerful and memorable testimony to the power of your love.

Sergey – Photographer

At the Art of Weddings we’re committed to shooting emotions rather than people, and our photographer Sergey is superb at his craft. His images are honest and inviting, capturing tender moments and a raw array of emotions couples (together with their guests) go through on their wedding day. A true artist at heart, Sergey is also able to think on his feet and solve problems on the fly.




We would love for you to contact us. It shall be our pleasure to illustrate the various possibilities for your wedding.
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We would love for you
to contact us. It shall be our pleasure
to illustrate the various possibilities
for your wedding.
ENQUIRIES: +66 83 173 5251