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Anniversary wedding ceremonyсвадьба на вилле на острове

Sacred Lotus ceremonyсвадьба на вилле на острове

Sunset weddingсвадьба на вилле на острове

Villa Wedding 3свадьба на вилле на острове

Wedding in a villa by the seaсвадьба на вилле на острове

Wedding with guests at Villa Sandсвадьба на вилле на острове

Eco weddingсвадьба на вилле на острове

Wedding on the shores of the Andaman Seaсвадьба на вилле на острове

Wedding ceremony by the seaсвадьба на вилле на острове

Stylish wedding "Tropical Marsala"свадьба на вилле на острове

Wedding "On the clouds of love"свадьба на вилле на острове

Wedding "Love and Sea"свадьба на вилле на острове

Hayatt weddingсвадьба на вилле на острове

Wedding "Flower Rainbow"свадьба на вилле на острове

Wedding at Villa Sawanсвадьба на вилле на острове

Wedding "Happiness at Sunset"свадьба на вилле на острове

Wedding at Villa Sanсвадьба на вилле на острове

How to organize a wedding ceremony in a villa

In order to book a villa for you and create your dream wedding, we need a few consultations with you. We will ask questions, agree on all the details with you and write out in detail the event plan with all stops. All this is necessary for the holiday to be perfect. We have already prepared for you optimal solutions and ready-made ideas, worked out to shine. You just have to choose.

What will be the style of the ceremony?
Choose what you prefer - a ceremony by the sea, or in a forest, in a national style, or according to European traditions, like in your favorite movie, or like in a dream, using complex props, or a celebration for two? We will be happy to help you make the right choice. We have a lot of ideas.
What will be the outfits of the bride and groom?
Our designers, makeup artists and florists will take care of your look, especially the bride's dress. You can turn to them for advice and recommendations at any convenient time.
What will the gala dinner be like?
Dinner can be lush and bright, or it can include only a glass of champagne and beautiful canapes. Gourmet cuisine, or a simple buffet table? Let's discuss this. We will be happy to offer you not only a menu, but also an entertainment program for guests. Invite your favorite artists and even Russian and foreign pop stars to your celebration.
Where to stay and accommodate guests?
Choose from a huge selection of villas in our catalog. It features separate bedrooms with stunning ocean views and an outdoor pool. There is simply no need to return to the hotel after the wedding ceremony. By the way, hotel accommodation for you and your guests is not a problem either.
How to take into account all the formalities and not forget anything?
Our team will suggest the best villa for your wedding, based on the number of guests, budget, style of the wedding ceremony.

We will make sure that every minute of the wedding celebration brings you joy.
In order to provide you with optimal comfort, there are some formalities to consider. We will definitely warn you about them.

For example, the minimum rental period for a villa is 2 days. The price of your order will include the so-called event fee - an additional fee for the event.

Today, weddings are popular on the islands of Mauritius and Cuba, as well as in the Maldives, Seychelles and the Dominican Republic. But we sincerely believe that in terms of cost-quality ratio, the most profitable solution would be to hold your celebration in Phuket, Thailand. There are paradise landscapes here, and at the same time excellent service. See which villas we have for your event and imagine yourself surrounded by this incredible luxury.

We invite all future newlyweds to the wonderful world of the Thai islands! Choose the villa to your liking and discuss your dream wedding ideas with us!

Our achievements

5 years making dreams come true
5 years making dreams come true
Our clients trust us the most important day in their lives and buy from us not just services, but the skills and experience of a huge team.
108 locations for the holiday
108 locations for the holiday
Our team organizes weddings in Phuket, Koh Samui and Phangan, in Krabi and Pha Nga provinces. All these fabulous places are designed to be the backdrop for a special occasion.
10257 wedding ceremonies
10257 wedding ceremonies
We can organize your dream ceremony for you, as we know how to do it. We have already thought of and planned everything, only you are missing.

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We got married and tested all the services we offer on ourselves. That is why organizing weddings in a villa on the islands is our favorite and most important area of ​​work. We have learned to exceed customer expectations and embody the most amazing ideas. And we are proud to be recommended to friends.


Imagine that you have your own piece of paradise island, where you can invite as many guests as you like, or be alone with your loved one. Warm sand, fabulous sunsets, rainforest are already waiting. We invite you to organize your wedding ceremony in Phuket in a luxury villa. This is ideal if you're looking to combine the upscale comfort of a private party with the laid-back style of an outdoor wedding.


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