Wedding on the green lawn

фотография: традиционная свадьба в Королевстве Таиланд
иллюстрация: волшебная церемония свадьбы в Королевстве Таиланд
иллюстрация: красивая церемония свадьбы на острове Пхукет
иллюстрация: официальная свадьба в Таиланде
изображение: официальная свадебная церемония в Королевстве Таиланд
картинка: волшебная свадебная церемония в Таиланде
фото: волшебная свадебная церемония за границей
фото: традиционная церемония свадьбы на острове Пхукет
You can order additional services
  • Steaming a wedding dress - 50/70/100$ (depending on the splendor of the dress)
  • Rent of a wedding dress 100/150/200$ (the price depends on the model of the dress), the deposit for the dress is 300$, an additional agreement is concluded for the rental of the dress.
  • Wedding make-up artist (makeup + hairstyle) - 100/120$
  • A wreath of fresh flowers or a hairpin - 50/70/100$
  • Wedding video-film to your music for 3-4 minutes: without aerial filming 350; with aerial photography - 400$
  • In addition to the main video, you can order a video for Instagram 1 minute - 100$
  • Buffet with fresh tropical fruits for two - 50$
  • Picnic for two after the ceremony: water, fruit, wine, decorated picnic area 150$
  • Wedding swing decorated with fabrics, beads and flowers 50/70/100$
  • Dinner on a secluded beach at sunset for 2 - 200$
  • Dinner at a panoramic restaurant at sunset for 2 200$
  • Photographer 1 hour - 100$ (60 processed images)
  • Photo session with an elephant from 150$
  • Love story photo session from 150$
  • Transfer for two - depends on the distance of the route

A Green Lawn Wedding

A wedding in Thailand, a celebration for the romantics who are sensitive to their surroundings, is no longer an exotic desire as it was 10 years ago. A glorious wedding ceremony on the green lawn is a European tradition which we offer to hold on the Adaman Sea shore under the rays of the Thai sun. The picturesque place among shady trees is ideally suited for solemn wedding ceremony. Magic fairytale mood can be created:

  • Candles of milky white color - as a symbol of warmth in the home;
  • Decorative lanterns - echoing the enchanting atmosphere of the delightful holiday;
  • Dots of white rose petals, symbolizing the purity and tenderness of the festive event;
  • Magnificent round arch, lushly braided by branches of emerald greenery or boho-style arch.

Cages for birds wrapped with large beads of artificial pearls. Furniture, tablecloths and capes in white, yellow, dusty pink or linen contrast with the rich emerald shade of green. Weddings in Thailand - the perfect setting for a wedding - we'll arrange for you to have a beautiful flat lawn that overlooks the turquoise sea, and leave a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime.

Working individually with each request we create an interesting fantasy scenario, adjusting to the needs of the client to keep the most romantic moments within the given budget. Lush tropical greenery around the lawn creates additional coolness, so the outdoor wedding ceremony on the lawn, a light buffet or gala dinner will be held in a cozy atmosphere. It's nice and comfortable to celebrate such a special day as a wedding on the lawn:

  • We speak fluent Russian, Thai and Chinese - our manager will answer any of your questions;
  • We write your own scenario for every couple, taking into account all your wishes and allowing you to distribute your wedding budget wisely;
  • We will choose a secluded and comfortable place for the ceremonies - one of the green flat lawns with a continuous green cover of real grass;
  • Guests will be in the shade of the dense trees and will not suffer from the heat if the ceremony will be held in the daytime.

Wedding in Thailand among the drowning greenery is a great idea for the wedding ceremony. The holiday will be accompanied by vivid impressions and positive emotions. Book a celebration and enjoy exotic views of nature.

Dreaming of a perfect wedding on a bright green lawn under the dazzling Thai sun? Entrust your dream to the professionals of Art of Wedding agency - we'll be glad to create an original scenario of your wedding celebration and complete the event with fabulous decorations and delightful floristics.

You can have your ceremony on the lawn, among a riot of tropical greenery of exotic plants. A solemn dinner or a light buffet of any cuisine , Russian, Chinese European or Thai style ceremony, luxurious decor or strictly natural design ... We choose the best format for your wedding ceremony in Thailand, so you will remember this day as the best in the life of your couple in love!

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