Private Beach Wedding

фото: волшебная свадьба в Таиланде
изображение: чудесная церемония свадьбы в Королевстве Таиланд
изображение: официальная свадебная церемония в Таиланде
изображение: красивая церемония свадьбы за границей
фото: традиционная свадебная церемония в Таиланде
иллюстрация: красивая свадьба за границей
фотография: волшебная свадебная церемония на острове Пхукет
картинка: официальная свадебная церемония в Таиланде
You can order additional services
  • Steaming the wedding dress - $50/70/100 (depending on size of dress)

  • Rental wedding dress 100/150/200$ (the price depends on the model), the deposit for a dress 300$, to rent a dress is an additional contract.

  • Make-up + hairstyle - $ 120

  • Wreath of flowers or stylish hairpins - $ 50/70/100

  • The wedding video 350 usd

  • Video with air drone – 400 usd

  • Video for Instagram 1 minute - $ 100

  • Fresh tropical fruits for couple - $50

  • After ceremony picnic for couple: water, fruit, wine, decorated picnic area - $150

  • Wedding swing decorated with fabric, beads and flowers $50/70/100

  • Dinner on secluded beach at sunset for couple - $200

  • Dinner at a panoramic restaurant at sunset for  - $200

  • Photographer 1 hour - $100 (60 processed pictures)

  • Photo shooting with an elephant from $150

  • Love story photo shooting from 150$

  • Transfer for couple be luxury car – from 200 usd

Wedding on the beach: benefits

A romantic wedding on the beach of Phuket or nearby islands is the most touching option for couples in love to join together. In addition to the incredible natural beauty of the surrounding scenery, highlighted by luxurious floral decorations , you will get an inexpressible aroma of tropical flowers and fresh sea breeze, initially creating the atmosphere of a beautiful celebration.

In countries with cold weather for most of the year, a beach wedding is a rare seasonal activity, but in the ideal climate of Phuket or other islands of Thailand, a beach ceremony will be possible all year round. And do not forget about magnificent photos which one will be left after the wedding in Phuket, in such a bright natural scenery and delightful floral design.

Note that the planning of the wedding on the beach requires very careful preparation. It is necessary to take into account many details hidden from the eye of not wedding planner. We recommend you to entrust the planning of the beach ceremony to the professionals of the Art of Weddings agency - we will be glad to create a fairy-tale wedding of your dreams for you!

Wedding in Thailand on the beach is beautiful, original and touching. An unforgettable atmosphere of freedom, the sea and the opportunity to refuse the official style are the most important advantages of choosing such a venue. You can arrange a holiday just for two, or you can invite all friends and family. There is enough space for everyone. Together with the beautiful natural scenery you get freshness of the sea breeze and warmth of the Thai sun, which alone create a perfect atmosphere of celebration.

Thai climate allows you to hold a wedding ceremony at any time of the year. And returning home, you will forever have a piece of Thailand in the form of great pictures after the celebration. A wedding in Phuket will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, if you choose to carry it out with the utmost commitment. Booking wedding beach ceremony at Art of Weddings can be the perfect way for you to get the perfect event.

An important event such as a wedding always brings up trepidation and worry about the preparation of your special day. But if you turn to professional wedding planners, you can be sure that your wedding in Thailand will go perfectly. Our team will take care of all the moments of the planning and organization, you will only have to tell us your wishes, and then enjoy the rest and quietly prepare for the upcoming your special wedding day at Phuket.

Organizing a wedding in Phuket requires a lot of additional knowledge and careful preparation. It is very important to take care of all the details in advance, which may not be remembered before the organization. That is why we recommend you to contact team of Art of Weddings. We will be happy to create for you the wedding of your dreams, take into account all your wishes and give a lot of advice on how best to plan and organize your special day.

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