Wedding on sailing catamaran

фото: традиционная церемония свадьбы в Королевстве Таиланд
фотография: традиционная свадебная церемония в Таиланде
иллюстрация: официальная свадьба за границей
иллюстрация: традиционная церемония свадьбы в Таиланде
фотография: традиционная свадьба за границей
иллюстрация: волшебная свадебная церемония в Таиланде
фотография: официальная свадьба за границей
иллюстрация: официальная свадебная церемония за границей
You can order additional services
  • Steaming a wedding dress - 50/70/100$ (depending on the splendor of the dress)
  • Rent of a wedding dress 100/150/200$ (the price depends on the model of the dress), the deposit for the dress is 300$, an additional agreement is concluded for the rental of the dress.
  • Wedding make-up artist (makeup + hairstyle) - 100/120$
  • A wreath of fresh flowers or a hairpin - 50/70/100$
  • Wedding video-film to your music for 3-4 minutes: without aerial filming 350; with aerial photography - 400$
  • In addition to the main video, you can order a video for Instagram 1 minute - 100$
  • Buffet with fresh tropical fruits for two - 50$
  • Picnic for two after the ceremony: water, fruit, wine, decorated picnic area 150$
  • Wedding swing decorated with fabrics, beads and flowers 50/70/100$
  • Dinner on a secluded beach at sunset for 2 - 200$
  • Dinner at a panoramic restaurant at sunset for 2 200$
  • Photographer 1 hour - 100$ (60 processed images)
  • Photo session with an elephant from 150$
  • Love story photo session from 150$
  • Transfer for two - depends on the distance of the route

A wedding is the beginning of a new life journey, which brings a lot of love and happiness. Bride and groom try to spend it as brightly as possible to remember it for a lifetime. Wedding ceremony in Thailand can be the most romantic adventure, permeated by the bright sun and the warmth of boundless love. Exoticism of this event for a long time will be remembered for bride and groom , their family and friends. A wedding on a motor yacht or a sailing catamaran in the middle of the crystal blue wqter of Andaman Sea symbolizes the beginning of a new and equally boundless happy life.

Wedding Arrangements

Phuket weddings are becoming popular with couples from around the world. Art of Wedding Phuket offers all levels of wedding planning from affordable ceremonies on the beach for two to unique weddings in luxurious villas, 5* hotels or yachts. Couples can choose from a variety of options. Wedding ceremonies can be held in national or European style, their relationship can even be registered in a Thai temple or on a secluded island. The variety of scenery and the romantic aura of the area intensify the emotions of your special day.

A yacht wedding leaves the most vivid impressions. The Art of Wedding Phuket team will make sure it goes off without a hitch and exactly according to plan. There are just a few simple things you need to do:

  • Choose a venue or an itinerary for their wedding;
  • Choose a wedding package (all packages can be found here);
  • Choose a wedding date;
  • Choose the floral decorations;
  • Sign the contract and make the deposit.

The couple and invited guests will have at their disposal a snow-white yacht equipped with everything they need. The ceremony on the rest does not demand observance of strict etiquette, that's why the costumes can be light and airy. A wedding day on a yacht supposes not only a wedding ceremony, but lunch on the board, wedding photo shooting on the island and the yacht and services of a make-up artist, live music, master of ceremonies, etc. All this surrounded by picturesque landscapes, caressing sun and light breeze. A swim in the gentle waters of the sea and the use of all available onboard entertainment is also included. Optional diving or motorized marine activities are available.

A stopover at a small picturesque island and a swim in the clear water lagoon will add a special charm to your wedding day. The wedding photo and video shooting will be carried out before you swim in the sea not to spoil your make-up and hairstyle. Our photographers will catch the best shots and capture unforgettable moments of your happy day. All pictures will be in a natural surroundings of lush greenery, white sand and bright blue sea, merging on the horizon with the sky.

Scenery, decorations and services

Wedding on a yacht presupposes a certain script, corrections which can be made according to the wish of the couple. All the subtleties of the ceremony must be discussed in advance, but in most cases the couple agrees to standard services:

  • transfer from the hotel to the pier, where the yacht is moored;
  • Cruise on a comfortable catamaran or the motor yacht decorated with flowers;
  • Conducting a European ceremony with a master of ceremonies speaking your native language (Russian, Chinese, English, Thai);
  • Wedding stylist (make-up and hair);
  • Sand ritual, aimed at the fulfillment of the most cherished wishes;
  • Traditional launching of a paper lantern into the sky with best wishes;
  • Professional photo and video shooting;
  • On-board lunch, water and soft drinks;
  • Swimming and snorkeling.

This eventful day ends on the same pier from which you set out on your voyage in the morning.
Transfer back to your hotel or villa.

A yacht wedding also includes a gourmet dinner and service with a choice of food and drinks . Honeymooners have nothing to worry about as Art Wedding Phuket's professionals will take care of all the details. The ceremony is held with the murmur of the waves and romantic music. This is a real celebration for two, which will put the beginning of a new happy life.

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