фотография: чудесная церемония свадьбы в Королевстве Таиланд
изображение: чудесная свадьба в Королевстве Таиланд
изображение: красивая свадебная церемония в Королевстве Таиланд
иллюстрация: традиционная церемония свадьбы на острове Пхукет
иллюстрация: волшебная церемония свадьбы в Королевстве Таиланд
фото: чудесная свадебная церемония на острове Пхукет

Art of weddings.
wedding as art.


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иллюстрация: официальная церемония свадьбы на острове Пхукет

So you’re about to tie the knot – warm congratulations from all of us at The Art of Weddings!
Your wedding day is surely one of the most significant of your life. It is the best chance you’ll ever get to celebrate and share your love with every single person you care about. Plus, on this special occasion you get to honor more than your love story: your wedding party reflects what you two are about.
And it seems you’ve been daydreaming of saying ‘I do’ in Phuket, Thailand.
Phuket is able to indulge even the wildest of wedding dreams. Natural yet glamorous, the island is home to luxury villas and hotel ballrooms, pristine beaches and poolside venues, royal-like palm trees and breathtaking backdrops.
The Art of Weddings is your other half in arranging that Phuket wedding you’ve always envisioned. Ensuring smooth sailing from finding the right venue and menus to décor and vendors, plus everything in between, is our vow to you.

We’re a member of Destination Wedding Planner Congress (DWP), the most exclusive professional wedding community in the world. With our international experience, powerful in-house team and local connections, you can trust that we’re constantly aiming to outdo ourselves!

Renting a wedding dress in Phuket

We make dreams come true!

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иллюстрация: официальная церемония свадьбы на острове Пхукет

“We will make you sure that your wedding is perfect. Every details is matter”

Alexander and Julia, Art of Weddings, Phuket wedding planners

The beauty of the Andaman sea, the sound of the wind, the tropical scenery. Champagne bubbles, luxurious floristics, smiles of loved ones. To this exquisite recipe for your perfect special day you only need to add the most important thing: both of you. With “Art of Weddings” Phuket you don't have to think about the rest, and it's easy to leave the rest to the professionals.

“Art of Weddings” Phuket take part in the prestigious Destination Wedding Planner Congress every year. This event is created to bring together the best wedding planners of the world and the best service providers. We are happy to be among the best. And you can be sure: our suppliers of everything for the weddings are the best of the best ( crème de la crème ) in Thailand.

The top 3 words about your happiness: Wedding in Thailand. Phuket

If there were a recipe for a perfect wedding, it would definitely include these ingredients: you, your love, perfect weather, perfect location, high class service. A wedding in Thailand - this is a celebration that we organize for you exactly according to this recipe.

For perfect nature and weather we suggest you go to the island of Phuket. A wedding ceremony and reception at Phuket is the best choice if you want to combine a family celebration and vacation in a tropical paradise. Your joy and comfort is our job and passion. That's why the wedding in Thailand that you entrust us to organize will go flawlessly.

How do I book my Phuket wedding?

Just contact us to discuss your wedding ideas and details. We can help you create the wedding of your dreams on the stunning island of Phuket! Our team will take care of everything from bridal make-up and floral arrangements to venue selection and artist selection for the evening program. Every detail is matter and will be carefully thought out. We will be glad to organize for you a photo shooting with a professional photographer and we will shoot your love with the best videographer.

Catering services for reception at your wedding day in Thailand

One of the most important organizational aspects is the thoughtful choice of menu for your Special day gala dinner. Phuket's large selection of catering services, both private and from 5* hotels, will provide you with a wealth of options for a stunning catered dinner or buffet. Exotic fruits and freshest seafood, which in your country would be difficult to get and would cost you a pretty much, on the islands in abundance and very inexpensive. And the quality of food will pleasantly surprise all your loved ones! We only work with trusted suppliers, so you can be sure everything will be perfect for your special day dinner. Just check out some photos from our events and reviews of “Art of Wedding” Phuket to be sure.

Whether you have a European style wedding ceremony , a wedding ceremony on a beautiful beach in Phuket, a romantic wedding for two on a small island off the coast of Phuket, or a luxury wedding at private villa or five-star hotel, we can make sure that your event is perfect, just let us create it for you. Contact us in any way convenient for you (phone numbers, our social networks and what’s app are listed on each page of our website) and book your dream wedding day at Phuket !

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