Always dreamed of being a movie star? Admired the stars of Hollywood movies? Imagined yourself in a starring role? The best time to fulfill these dreams is your trip. And the best place for it - of course, the Kingdom of Thailand.

We are responsible for the quality of the picture - an experienced videographer well equipped with all the necessary professional top equipment will work on it.

A short film about the most romantic day of your life will bring joy to you, your family and friends for many years.

It will remind you of a tender and bright morning filled with tremulous excitement and anticipation of a miracle, of how your family was born, of how fast your heart beat. All this will stay with you forever. And we will be proud that we helped your dream come true.

“Я съемки вообще не люблю. Никогда не получаюсь так, как нравится. Волнуюсь. Но фотосессия перед свадьбой понравилась. Будем вспоминать и гордиться: мы классные. А фотограф и видеограф - просто супер. Респект. Спасибо, ребята”

Антон & Инна,

Show your friends and family how your wedding went in Thailand. Your wedding video is the easiest way to make your memories of the most special day of your life last forever

We've gathered wedding videos for you of couples who have chosen to get married in Phuket. The videos of these ceremonies inspire us to bring the fairy tale to our clients again and again. For a long evenings, you'll be revisiting the video of your wedding day at Phuket. The video will prove it wasn't a dream, it was reality.

Photos are frozen memories, and a great video of the wedding day will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of magic to the fullest. No wedding can be without video shooting, especially when it's a magical ceremony in the stunning natural scenery of Thailand.

Wedding video shooting in Thailand can start with the overview of a bride's morning in a hotel or on the shore of the dawning sea. We will carefully capture every detail - from touching preparatory moments and stunning floral design to reportage shooting from the event itself.

We will discuss with you the working time and the concept of each wedding video in Phuket individually, offer our own original ideas and take into reality all your thoughts and wishes.

For shooting a wedding video in Thailand we use only professional equipment, which allows you to get a stunning picture of a loving couple surrounded by happy guests on the background of the incredible natural beauty of the Phuket.

Show your friends and family how your wedding in Thailand went. Your wedding video is the easiest way to make your memories of the most special day of your life come true.

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